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The covid 19 outbreak is possibly the most testing and challenging event most of us in the world have faced.

The potential effect is unprecedented, virtually no country remains untouched by this relentless force.

It is consuming both lives and businesses alike, it is indeed a “leveller” touching the lives of everybody across the world.

We extend our heartfelt sincerity to all families, friends and clients who have been directly affected by this disturbing event, it is up to all of us to follow the guidelines put in place to stem the flow and stay safe.

The retail and leisure industry is witnessing the full force of the restrictions placed across the world to contain the spread of covid 19, many established businesses are facing extremely tough times as the retail and hospitality industry is subjected to mass closure.

No business is immune to its effects, from SMEs to large corporations the consequence is similar and contingency plans are being tested to the limit.

At Kota heritage group our organization is directly affected the restrictions in all sectors, from hotel closures to retailer restrictions within our mall.

During these troublesome times we are still maintaining staffing levels both remotely and physically to cater for the operational requirements for existing long stay guests within our hotel, to ensuring that our mall remains operational for the essential retail services required for day to day living.

In addition to this our sales and marketing team are working on several strategies to facilitate customers and clients needs when the MCO is lifted.

These will include an exciting rebranding and approach plan, comprising of support programs for small to medium retailers and office based businesses in our soon to launch co working facility, short term retail and office facility and Retail environment.

Our aim is to provide assistance and facilitate the restart process of affected businesses and assist in the growth of new business, we will provide updates through our new social media channels and within our newly launched website.

In closing we again extend our sincerest wishes to all that have been directly affected by this tragedy, and endorse further the need for conformity to the restrictions so we can beat this together and emerge stronger.


Best wishes and looking forward to the future.


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